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We were referred to Dr. Respler--best referral ever!   Our son had two surgeries and both were as great as can be.   Great Doctor and more importantly, great person.


Having a medically fragile child, with multiple problems took a knowledgable,

well-trained doctor to sort out many procedures that could have impacted

her life negatively forever.  Thank you , Dr.  Respler.   You are a modern day doctor

who uses both traditional and new ENT treatment methods,

while having total concern with what is best for the patient.

D.M and A.M.


Dr. Respler is awesome!

He is funny and caring. He is friendly and professional and well-trained.

He has been our doctor for years. He took the extra time to put me at ease and did the entire exam himself with plenty of time for questions and explanations.

I wish there were more doctors just like him.


I was referred to Dr. Respler and I am so happy that I took the advice. As a Mom of three children, one of which has Downs Syndrome, I have never been happier with a doctor. Dr. Respler takes ample time with the children and he explains everything that is happening over and over until you understand it and he does it all with a smile on his face.   Two of my children had surgery with him and he was just amazing!   Thank you for all that you do!


Dr. Respler is a fantastic doctor! I went to him with concerns for my son Jack. His speech therapist was concerned bc his tonsils were always so inflamed...  His office and staff were/are warm, inviting, and extremely friendly. He took a look at Jack with the endoscopy and saw how bad things were, but we didn’t jump to surgery right away...Now, (after surgery) his teachers rave...! We’re all mind blown over the changes! I couldn’t be more grateful for Dr. Respler! He saved my son! Thank you Dr. Respler for everything you’ve done! And thank you to your staff for being so kind, and helpful all the time! I can’t recommend this office more!  S.P.

We had heard great references for Dr. Respler--his expertise, patience and kindness.  They were all true!  Our son's surgery went so smoothly and the

follow-up, as well.  Thank you


Since 1996, it has been our good fortune to have been referred to Dr. Respler.   My son, who has special needs, was  experiencing chronic sinusitis.  Dr. Respler's extensive medical knowledge is complimented by his genuine interest and commitment to his patients and their families.  We are so glad to be a member of his practice!


 L.W. &  A.W.

My son’s life was saved by Doctor Respler when he was born six weeks early

with only  20% chance of surviving...

He has grown  into a handsome young man who is confident, kind,

intelligent, and has a great sense of humor. ..

Thanks 🙏 again for all you did for him, Doctor.   


Best pediatric ENT around! Dr. Respler is kind, has a great sense of humor and takes the time to make his patients feel relaxed. He doesn't use nurses or PA's to do the work for him and he doesn't rush into ENT surgery like most other surgeons. I'm lucky that he takes my insurance, but he is worth seeing even out-of-network.  


Don S. Respler, MD  

caring for all aspects of our patients' ENT needs

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